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for plastic surfaces


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Window frames, garden furniture and equipment made of plastic accumulate a lot that just won't let go. Allow the effective plastic cleaner a short soaking time after application and everything will take care of itself. The dirt is loosened down to the finest pores and can be easily wiped away with our microfibre. What remains is a wonderfully smooth and antistatic surface that stays free of dirt and dust for a long time.
Even stubborn stains from grease, protein, ballpoint pens, ink, resin, tar and silicone are successfully removed by the plastic cleaner.
For window frames, garden furniture, various tools and objects made of plastic.
Shower cubicle (drop glass) - apply the plastic cleaner undiluted, leave to soak in (best overnight) and wipe down with the bath glove (blue-white side).
Our plastic cleaner is also very suitable for coloured bathroom furniture (bathtub and washbasin).
For cleaning computer equipment and keyboards, spray a 1:3 to 1:10 dilution onto our duster. Kitchen cupboards inside: spray on, let it work, wipe with a multi cloth, grey stains are all gone.
Everything made of plastic gets wonderfully clean after soaking and is smooth again.

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