Live lighter with microfibre

A clear win for the environment!

Many tests have proven that you can clean very efficiently and without detergents with ReinZeit cloths and water.

You save detergent and can clean up to a thousand times with it.

If you want to benefit from the cloths for a long time, wash them regularly in the washing machine.

This does not harm the eco-balance.

Thus, cleaning and caring is in harmony with nature – a beautiful feeling!

Advantages of microfibre

  • Savings on cleaner and water
  • Quickly and brilliantly clean
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • No cleaning agent residues on surfaces*

*For children and pets, surfaces without chemical residues are important.

Interesting facts about microfibre

Microfibers are synthetic fibers that are 10-60 times finer than a hair.

Because the individual fibres are split, they can absorb the finest dirt and grease particles.

Through friction, the microfibres (when dry) become electrostatically charged and thus attract dust particles.

Thanks to the finest pores and interstices, the dirt is trapped and can only be released again in the washing machine.

The microfibers also have excellent water-attracting properties due to the so-called capillary effect.

For these many reasons, microfibre is the favourite for household cleaning.

Why different fibres?

When millions of fibres are made into a kind of fur, they have a larger surface area than when they are pressed smoothly together or woven. That’s why our “furry” helpers can also pick up more dirt or dust than cloths!

The flexible structure also makes it easier to get dirt out of small depressions in a rough surface.

Our philosophy

A perfectly coordinated team of very many people makes it possible to create ReinZeit products.

Quality standards

ReinZeit products* have been awarded the quality mark for tested quality. Awarded by the ÖQA – Öst. Working Group for the Promotion of Quality.

Your ReinZeit-Team