Bath and WC cleaner

with citric acid


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Do you also know this: limescale stains, residues of bath additives or unpleasant odours in the bathroom and WC? Yes, it is always a challenge to keep bathrooms and WCs hygienically clean and tidy. You have always been waiting for this limescale specialist! With the power of nature, you can clean your bathroom, WC, washbasin, shower, tiles and fittings in no time. Apply diluted or dropwise pure with the wet Clean Time microfibre, leave to soak in and wipe off with water. Your bathroom and WC will shine brilliantly, smell pleasantly and be hygienically fresh.

The bottle with the bend neck and childproof cap makes cleaning your toilet child's play. The special consistency of the cleaner adheres well to all surfaces and guarantees a strikingly beautiful shine.

By being awarded the EU Flower and the Austrian Eco-label, we are bringing a strong and pleasing product, especially in this delicate area!
Cleaning a dwarf rabbit hutch proved to be very tedious. The urine stone was always removed with a spatula and there was always some residue left. With the bathroom and toilet cleaner, this could be removed effortlessly and, above all, completely.