Quality standards

Excellent quality

High standards for
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Brand quality from Austria

ReinZeit fibre products are manufactured in Austria with appropriate remuneration.

This will create jobs, possibly also in your neighbourhood.

Excellent quality

ReinZeit products* have been awarded the quality mark for tested quality by the ÖQA – Öst. Working Group for the Promotion of Quality.

*All products marked with an in the catalogue.

Austria Quality Label Model Farm

The OQA has awarded ReinZeit HandelsGmbH the Austria Quality Seal for Austrian Model Companies!

Öst. Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel

The official eco-label in Austria (Hundertwasser tree) and the official eco-label in the EU (Euroflower) are seals of quality and a special guarantee for more environmentally friendly and healthier products.

Some ReinZeit products have been awarded these marks. Certification is voluntary and involves considerable cost and effort for the companies!

Quality and Seal of Approval of the Direct Selling Trade Association

ReinZeit is a member of the Direct Sales Platform. The seal of quality stands for “Safety – Trust – Seriousness” for consumers and obliges ReinZeit to adhere to strict rules of conduct.

ReinZeit is a member of respACT

This is the leading corporate platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development in Austria.

ReinZeit is a Climate Alliance business

The Climate Alliance is a global partnership for the protection of the world’s climate between European cities, municipalities, businesses and the indigenous peoples of the rainforests. In order to contribute to climate protection, the commitment and diversity of the local level is being relied upon.

Climate Alliance strives for sustainable development and equity between North and South.

Certificate Austria Quality Mark

Certificates from ReinZeit

Quality mark

OQA Certificates – Austria Quality Seal

Austrian model plant

Our philosophy

A perfectly coordinated team of very many people makes it possible to create ReinZeit products.

History of ReinZeit

With the founding of ReinZeit, two dreams came true. On the one hand, to maintain and further expand the product lines that have been built up over many years.

Your ReinZeit-Team