Become a hostess
and save money

Invite your friends, relatives and acquaintances who will be as enthusiastic about ReinZeit as you are. A great evening of knowledge on environmentally conscious cleaning, room fragrances and more will not only make you our regular customer.

The more guests you invite, the easier it is to enjoy the hostess benefits

Looking after your guests is not much trouble. Drinks and a few nibbles are enough. Your guests will be entertained by the ReinZeit direct consultant for environmentally conscious cleaning and more.

The highlights of your presentation are the products of ReinZeit.

Enjoy numerous advantages as a ReinZeit VIP-GG member!

From three ReinZeit presentations held within two years, you are a VIP host and enjoy the VIP-GG benefits for one year. With only one further presentation each in the membership year, you maintain your membership and continue to benefit from the exclusive special offers!

Great birthday surprise – Special offers exclusively for VIP hosts.

A ReinZeit hostess enjoys many advantages

Gifts worth up to €165 and more!

Depending on the turnover at your presentation, you can choose one or more products as a gift from our current catalogue (see download area).

Up to 5 half price product gifts!

Depending on sales and further bookings for your presentation, you will receive up to 5 products from our current catalog at half price.

Guest bonus as a bonus for the hostess.

As a hostess, you will receive 1 x €10.00 guest bonus for 6 guests or more and even €20.00 for orders of 8 or more guests at your ReinZeit party!

Enjoy the advantages as a ReinZeit host or the special features as a ReinZeit VIP host. We want them to be enthusiastic about us, and that is what all of us from the ReinZeit team are committed to. We hope you enjoy browsing our pages and have interesting moments at your next ReinZeit presentation.

Enjoy the product experience at home and benefit with all your senses.

ReinZeit has visited over 58,000 hosts since 2010. Let our ReinZeit Direkt advisors advise you on environmentally conscious cleaning and more.

ReinZeit gives you time and saves you money!

With ReinZeit, it’s not just your cleaning habits that change! Declare your home a chemical-free zone!

The positive ecological balance of the ReinZeit cleaning system will convince you very quickly. On any surface – whether used dry, damp or wet – you will always achieve brilliant cleaning results with our products.

In the process, you save time and cash, an average household up to 150 euros per year. How? You buy less: Less cleaning products, no disposable sponges, no disposable cloths, no disposable cleaning equipment. ReinZeit cloths and devices


Let yourself be enchanted by the fragrant wellness aroma products


Let the colours work, not only during application


marvel and try immediately, ReinZeit products want to be felt


Your advisor has interesting tips and tricks for all ReinZeit products.

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