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Wellness Aroma

Aroma for the senses

Pure nature

Only pure, natural vegetable oils and essences of the best quality.

All oil blends are regularly tested for quality and purity.


Our top products

1020 Tea towel

The ultra-fine high-tech weaving technology gives the cloth extra strong absorbency. It absorbs moisture at an amazing speed without releasing it back to the outside – as is the case with cotton or linen. It literally sucks the water off the dishes. So you can still use this cloth even when your old ones would already be for wringing out. Excellent for drying all types of crockery and also ideal for plastic containers. You can enjoy sparkling clean, lint-free surfaces without time-consuming re-polishing.

1106 Multisheet

The daily challenge around household and profession requires smart cleaning cloths. The versatile multi-scarf is in demand here. Whether wet or dry, due to its high readiness for use, you will achieve a rendering result that is as optimal as possible on all smooth and painted surfaces. The multisheet knows how to make you downright euphoric.

1109 Bath towel

This cloth makes bathroom cleaning much easier thanks to its particularly effective cleaning power. Ready for use on almost all surfaces, e.g. tiles, fittings, chrome, marble or even painted doors, plastic window frames, radiators and light switches in your bathroom. The result is brilliant cleanliness in the bathroom and WC without the need for subsequent drying. The secret lies in the highly absorbent surface, which easily and immediately absorbs dirt residues and fine limescale deposits. Aggressive cleaners are no longer on your shopping list!

1508 Bathroom and WC cleaner

Do you know what it’s like: limescale stains, residues of bath additives or unpleasant odours in the bathroom and WC? Yes, it is always a challenge to keep the bathroom and WC hygienically clean and pure. You have always been waiting for this lime specialist! With the power of nature, you can clean bathrooms, WCs, washbasins, showers, tiles and fittings in no time. Apply diluted or dropwise undiluted, leave to take effect and always wipe off together with a ReinZeit microfibre. Your bathroom and WC will shine brightly, smell pleasantly and be hygienically fresh.

The bottle with the bend neck and childproof cap makes cleaning your toilet a breeze. The special consistency of the cleaner adheres well to all surfaces and guarantees a strikingly beautiful shine.

By being awarded the EU Flower and the Öst. ecolabel we bring, especially in this delicate area, a strong and gratifying product!

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