Social responsibility

Sustainable philosophy

Social production and sales organisation in Austria for Austria

A perfectly coordinated team of very many people makes it possible to produce ReinZeit products.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your great cooperation and commitment.

ReinZeit works together with social institutions:

With pro mente Upper Austria, Lebenshilfe Upper Austria, LPBZ Schloss Gschwendt and others.

We support many organisations

Athletes with disabilities; Lebenshilfe; pro mente OÖ; Blind Association; SOS Children’s Village; die Umweltberatung; Zellkern; Kinderhilfswerk; LaLeche Liga – Stillberatung Österreich; Rote Nasen Clowndoctors.

Regular promotion of:

WWF, Global 2000, Greenpeace, a sponsored child at World Vision, Red Cross.
Heart of flowers in the meadow

Cleaning – thorough and environmentally friendly

Every day, commercials try to convince us that our home can be transformed into shiny places only with the help of various cleaners.

Okolögic cleaning, however, works differently.

Refrain from using cleaning agents

Having an allergy to cleaning is not only a good excuse for less to clean, but often a fact. Household chemicals can cause allergic reactions. There is a practical invention that does not require any cleaning agents or large packaging:

ReinZeit microfibre cloths.

Good for the environment

When using our cloths, cleaning agents can be largely dispensed with.

Using microfibre cloths instead of disposable cloths saves money and at the same time reduces waste enormously. Disposable wipes make a lot of waste and are more expensive in the long run and therefore undesirable in the ecological household.

Healthy households

If household cleaners are to be used, then we naturally make sure that we attack the dirt, not our health or the environment. We have decided against unnecessary cleaners and in favour of healthy households, so should you.

With ReinZeit you are making a very good choice.

Lighter living with microfibre

A clear win for the environment!
Many tests have proven that you can clean very efficiently and without detergents with ReinZeit cloths and water.

The brand Reinzeit

Ecology for us is: The interrelationships between all living things, in our case us humans and our close environment.

Your ReinZeit-Team