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You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you clean your mirrors and glass surfaces with the right cloth. ReinZeit has developed a very special fibre for you: wafer-thin, ultra-fine, seamless and tear-resistant. When lightly moistened with water, you will experience shiny clean miracles on your mirrors and glass surfaces, without the need for subsequent drying. Attention: for coarse dirt, pre-cleaning with the Multituch is necessary.
If streaks appear on the mirror, the cloth should be washed in the washing machine. Never immerse the glass cloth completely in water. Dampening a corner is sufficient! Only wipe with light pressure, this is the best way to absorb the dirt. Traces of water that are visible at first will dry up immediately!

Care instructions for the fibre:
No fabric softener!
Wash at 60°!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron!
Do not dry clean!

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