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Dusting can be a real pain when it comes to electronic devices such as the hi-fi system, the computer or the TV screen, which literally attract dust magnetically. You can also use the fine duster to polish glass surfaces, CDs, video equipment, cameras, etc.

With this cloth, dusting becomes child's play even here. Try it on your leather suite or furniture too! One thing is for sure, you won't give this superfine fibre cloth away once you've tried it for dusting your decorative objects.

Attention: Only use freshly cleaned cloths for polishing.
For electronic devices, hi-fi systems, computers, TV screens.
Fingerprints on displays are easily removed, laptops and mobile phones shine like new.
This superfine fibre cloth is also relied on in laboratories and medical technology.
Caution:Only use freshly cleaned cloths for polishing!

Tip: This cloth will make your shoes shine.

Do not wash too often in the washing machine, it is best to simply hand squeeze a few drops of cleaner concentrate in the sink.

Care instructions for the fibre:
No fabric softener!
Wash at 40°!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron
Do not dry clean!

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