Window wiper with fibre

streak-free clean without effort


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Problems with streaking when cleaning windows? Now you can even clean your windows when the sun is shining.
The best solution is our window wiper. You clean quickly, easily and above all crystal clear. Whether windows, large glass surfaces (e.g. stair railings), large mirrors, conservatories or tiled walls, everything becomes perfect. Moisten the fibre with water. Wipe off excess water. Clean the surfaces with light circular movements. Then wipe them off with the rubber lip without streaks and without pressure.

TIP: Wipe off the rubber lip before each removal!
Wipe the rubber lip before each removal! It is best to pull it off from the centre outwards without pressure, no squeaking should be heard! It can be used on both sides. Make sure that it protrudes from the metal rail on the left and right!

The wetness of the fibre depends on the dirt: more dirt = more water! During the first application, old cleaning agent residues may come off the glass, which can lead to streaking. After cleaning the pane again, you have a clear view.

Fibre care instructions:
No fabric softener
Wash at 60°C!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron!
Do not dry clean!