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The ReinZeit Stain Remover removes stubborn stains from fruit, grass, tea, coffee, red wine, ketchup, cocoa, blood, egg white etc. without chlorine-containing bleaching agents, perfume oils or fragrances. The enzymes contained support the removal of stains from protein- and starch-containing soiling.

Very effective even at low temperatures (from 30° C)!
This high-quality mixture of natural raw materials is best used in combination with the ReinZeit washing concentrate. Do not apply directly to the laundry! Simply add the stain remover to the washing powder compartment of your washing machine. For washing white laundry (e.g. curtains) or coloureds, it serves as a washing power booster. For white laundry 40 - 60 ml, for coloured laundry approx. 10 ml is sufficient.
For laundry: Power booster for white laundry and curtains, for removing stubborn stains.
White, extremely dirty cloths and aprons simply soak in stain remover salt. (Dissolve warm, then add cold water; odours are neutralised).
Stain in a white T-shirt, apply the stain salt directly to the stain.

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