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This wonderful product cares for and cleans all types of leather (except suede and nubuck), natural wood surfaces on furniture or doors and plastics, such as on car or motorbike fittings. Simply apply with the
sponge into the leather, leave to take effect and polish with a soft cloth (dust fibre). The leather is like new. With each treatment, an invisible protective film is applied to the leather. This repels dirt and keeps it clean longer. Can be used for leather furniture and all leather colours, as well as for car leather seats, purses, shoes, riding and motorbike clothing, jackets and bags. Made from natural active ingredients and beeswax. Nourishes, cares for and protects your leather in wet and cold conditions and reliably prevents water and salt marks. Careful when applied to large areas such as natural wood surfaces, here you should not apply too much.
Applied to untreated wood, it has the effect of impregnation even after a long time.
Oiled or leached wooden furniture: lightly press the leather care into a fine cotton cloth (e.g. cloth nappy), spread and then leave in the furniture.
In winter, apply leather care to dogs' paws to prevent them from drying out due to road salt.
An old pair of pantyhose works very well for soaking car dashboards (black plastic). The surfaces are immediately polished to a shine.

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