Baby hooded towel

for our little ones


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This fabric made of the finest microfibre, which can absorb 1.8 times its own weight in liquid, is soft, extremely light and fluffy. Unlike conventional fabrics, the hard-wearing fabric ensures optimum comfort even when wet.


It dries very quickly and takes up very little space due to its fineness. These are advantages that you will appreciate at home, when travelling and especially on holiday.

Simply wrap your baby around it and it's dry. The hooded towel is quickly dry again and cosy to snuggle into. Size: approx. 75 x 75 cm.

This towel is more absorbent than anything you have used before. Simply place it on your body and you will feel that you are dry in no time. The fabric, made of exceptionally thin microfibre, develops a strong capillary effect. The speed with which the fibre absorbs the water is amazing. The fabric absorbs the moisture and still remains absorbent for a long time.

Caution! This textile fibre will discolour when washed! Separate washing is recommended! Especially when using full detergents, the colours will become lighter. Use a mild detergent, preferably the ReinZeit washing concentrate.

After washing, remove from the washing machine immediately and hang to dry, so that the hooded towel keeps its shape.


Care instructions for the fibre:
No softener!
Wash at 40°!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron!
Do not dry clean!