Re-Drying Floor Fibre

the absorbent one


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Large glass surfaces deserve a unique treatment with our very absorbent fibre for post-drying cleaned surfaces.

Caution: Do not press firmly, fibre adheres very well to surfaces!
Note: Fibre contracts after the first wash and fits perfectly on our floor mop afterwards!
For large glass surfaces or special high gloss floors.

Very important: Fibre contracts after the first wash and fits exactly on our floor mop afterwards! Therefore, wash once or twice at 60° before first use; wash in the washing machine. The fibre thus gets its correct fit

Pre-clean 1-2 times with the wet fibre (outside for conservatories).
When the fibre is still dry, it slows down, so it is easiest to wipe with very little pressure!

Care instructions for the fibre:
No fabric softener!
Wash at 60°!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron!
Do not dry clean!
Pull into shape after washing (while still damp).

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