Head Balance

for relief from headaches


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ÖLE: Lavender Hybride Grosso (controlled organic cultivation), eucalyptus, marjoram, rosemary, thyme and citronella grass pine


Various causes lead to tension and blockages in the head area. This mixture of relaxing and refreshing oils can be downright liberating and relieving for you. Headaches are often accompanied by dizziness. Rosemary and thyme promote blood circulation and get your circulation going. Lemongrass and marjoram are relaxing in every way. Eucalyptus supports your breathing and thus improves the oxygen supply in your body. Don't wait until the next headache! Just preventively, in the smallest dosage, this oil blend gently restores the right balance to your body. This can lessen your discomfort from time to time, leaving you feeling full of energy and free.
At the workplace, in living areas. Preventive and during migraines and headaches.
Should not only be used for acute migraines, but also as a preventive measure in between!
Rosemary has a blood pressure-increasing effect, use carefully in case of high blood pressure!