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ÖLE: Lavender Hybride Grosso (certified organic),geranium, marjoram, citronella grass, patchouli and sandalwood


Are you overwhelmed by everyday life and can no longer really relax and unwind? Then Best Relax is your wellness oil for relaxation! Ideal for stressed adults as well as for children who are burdened by everyday school life. The calming and invigorating effect allows you to sleep soundly through the night. Geranium helps our bodies to stabilise balance, marjoram puts both feet on the ground and the earthy, sweetly aromatic scent of patchouli helps to root firmly and find the centre to better relieve nervous stress. The fresh scent of citronella grass opens us up to new activities and we feel all-round wellbeing and balance.
For rooms such as offices, training rooms, living rooms, lounges and sickrooms to harmonise the air in the room. Particularly well suited as an aid to falling asleep and switching off.