Take a deep breath

for care of the bronchial tubes


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ÖLE: Lavender Hybrid Grosso (certified organic), hyssop, eucalyptus, thyme, niaouli, sandalwood and laurel


The respiratory organs need support to master their task of fighting off infections. their task of fighting off infections. Thyme oil helps to strengthen the immune system. Niaouli oil clears the respiratory tract with a clear, fresh scent, helps to loosen mucus and promote expectoration. The spicy hyssop oil ensures good circulation and keeps viruses and bacteria at bay. The fresh eucalyptus oil activates deep breathing and cleanses the airways. Even active and passive smokers can thus take care of the bronchial tubes during the night.
Everywhere in times of increased viral load of the upper respiratory tract and pollen load. Also supports bronchial activity in the case of incipient asthma and hay fever.