Floor Mop with Telescopic Bar

manoeuvrable, light and professional


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This floor mop (9 x 41 cm) has everything to keep your floors clean easily and quickly. The plate with folding mechanism and automatic lock allows you to insert the floor fibre effortlessly and work without unnecessary handles and without bending down! The specially designed holding pockets on the floor fibres guarantee a perfect wiping result.
The 360-degree swivel joint makes the floor mop very manoeuvrable. Low ground clearance, for example under boxes, is no problem. The mop goes almost everywhere. It is so versatile that you can quickly clean not only floors, but also ceilings, walls, conservatories and especially skirting boards, stair fronts and hard-to-reach corners.
A mop that is indispensable in every household. Completed by the light and break-proof telescopic rod made of aluminium/fibreglass. An ideally matched pair for your pleasure in use.

It all depends on the right mopping technique:
For best results when mopping, use the "S - mopping technique" (also called "lying 8").
Please use the hanging device for storage. Should not be turned upside down.
The rod is fixed at the swivel joint with a cotter pin, which is removed when dismantling.