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with pointed shape for problem areas


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What could be better than a wonderfully nourishing oil bath? Simply pure time-out. And afterwards? Unfortunately, this great care also remains as an edge in your bathtub. With the powerful fibre of the bath and WC glove, even cleaning becomes relaxing. For this, too, all you need is pure water. Dry briefly with the absorbent bath towel and the bathtub shines like new.
The bath and toilet glove also does a great job everywhere else in the bathroom where there are large areas of stubborn dirt or limescale residues. We have tested and tried out a lot for you. The result is this special glove with a pointed shape.
The white, fluffy side is also ideal for the underside of the WC lid. With the striped, strong fibre and the pointed shape, you can get under the WC rims perfectly.
For the bathroom:
Bathtub, shower wall, WC lid, WC rims.
Care instructions for the fibre:
No fabric softener!
Wash at 60°!
Do not tumble dry!
Do not iron!
Do not dry clean!

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