Heart Balm

for harmonious circulation


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ÖLE: Lavender Hybrid Grosso (certified organic), camphor, marjoram, grapefruit, citronella grass and eucalyptus


The delicate scent of heart balm, with a hint of camphor, increases well-being and quality of life, reduces stress and harmonises our body. A balm for heart and soul, it ensures a stable inner balance and relieves tension. A prerequisite for your pleasant and peaceful sleep is a balanced circulation. This blend supports the regularity and depth of your breathing, which is extremely beneficial for your entire blood circulation. Grapefruit in particular promotes blood circulation in your body. In this way you bring more oxygen into the blood and your cells can regenerate more quickly. You will be vitalised and feel good all around.
Everywhere there to balance and stabilise tensions, anxiety. Better sleep with Heart Balm. Supports blood pressure regulation in case of fluctuating blood pressure.