Custom Printed Sports Towel 60×100 cm

You can design your wellness towel individually according to your wishes as a unique piece for your holiday, or as a personal gift for an important person. You also have the option of having a customized scarf designed by ReinZeit Marketing.

  • The wellness towel is printed on one side according to your design in the highest quality, the reverse side is white.
  • The delivery time is approx. two weeks after the order has been completed.
  • Customised products are excluded from exchange.
  • You start your customisation by clicking on "Customize now".


Customize now

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Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 60 cm

ReinZeit product tips

This cloth is more absorbent than anything you have ever used before. Simply place it on your body and you will feel dry in no time. The fabric made of exceptionally thin microfiber develops a strong capillary effect. The speed with which the fiber absorbs the water is astonishing. The fabric absorbs moisture and still remains absorbent for a long time. Forget the thick towels that are wet for hours after the first use. Our microfiber bath towels dry noticeably faster and can be used again and again for hair and body, even after several sauna sessions. Additional advantage when drying: the cleaning power of the fiber with a fine, pleasant peeling effect. You become dry and pore-deep clean.
The soft, extremely light, fluffy and hard-wearing towel is a hit for leisure, sport, travel, camping, military service, spa, wellness, fitness, bathing, in and after the sauna.
Care instructions for the fiber: No fabric softener! Wash at 40° Do not tumble dry! Do not iron! Do not dry clean!