Car Air Freshener – Air Active

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Would you like to experience your car in a new way? Then get the ReinZeit Wellness Aroma Scent Holder and enjoy every car journey anew. However, many fragrances usually just mask bad smells with unhealthy chemical scents instead of eliminating them.
We spend a lot of time in the car, which can be made much more pleasant and comfortable with a properly chosen fragrance. With the Wellness Aroma Car Scent Holder, you have the best "car air" for on the road.

ÖLE: Lavender Hybride Grosso (certified organic), grapefruit, citronella grass, savory, rosemary and geranium


Do you want to be „Fit in the day“ and take on every challenge of everyday life and master it well? This fitness programme gives you the drive and energy you need and supports and strengthens your immune system. Also particularly valuable for senior citizens and all those who want to strengthen and build up their memory and nerves while they sleep. The fresh and invigorating scent of rosemary gets even morning grouches on their feet and makes tiredness disappear. The citrusy grapefruit scent lets you start the day easily and keeps you fit. „Fit into the Day“ inspires you to take positive action and break new ground. Reinvent yourself!