Alkaline bath salt

Bath like Cleopatra


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Alkaline baths are a tradition that goes back thousands of years. It was common knowledge that with alkaline baths, tiring acids and other burdening substances can be drained through the skin. Cleopatra in ancient Egypt already used this knowledge and added additives to the bath water to make it alkaline.

This bath salt with gemstone powder and natural salt is ideal for alkaline full baths, foot baths and body wraps. The skin becomes particularly soft and supple. Ideal bath duration of one hour and more.

Here you can find more application tips

For a full bath (180L) 3 heaped tablespoons or measuring spoons.
For a foot bath (5L) 1 heaped tablespoon.

Bath temperature: Full bath 35 - 37.5° C. Bath duration: 30 - 50 minutes.